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Note: Before exploring supplements, prioritize the adoption of circadian habits to establish a solid foundation for improved sleep health. These habits can profoundly influence your overall well-being and enhance the effectiveness of any supplements you may consider.

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Join Our Sleep Optimists Community!

Join our collaborative discussions and insights from community members. Understand how integrating circadian principles can positively impact your well-being. To help motivate and guide you in your circadian journey, consider joining, “Sleep Optimits Community.” This community serves a dual purpose. Not only will members share experiences and progress in adopting circadian principles, but for those in need of additional support, members will also compare notes about how certain supplements have helped them further fine tune their health.

Gain exclusive access to coaching and online tools designed to tackle sleep disorders head-on. Our paid membership program offers comprehensive support for individuals facing sleep challenges, including Circadian reboot strategies, a personalized sleep diary and specific supplement combinations. Track your progress with light therapy, sleep hygiene practices and your sleep stack, all from the comfort of your own home.

Complex chronic illnesses are debilitating society, leaving many unable to work and financially strained. Together, let’s collaboratively explore low-cost, effective solutions that empower individuals to optimize their health. Join the movement and revolutionize your health journey with the wisdom of circadian living.

  • Explore the benefits of practices such as castor oil packs, coffee enemas, and liver/gallbladder flushes.
  • Exchange insights on the effectiveness of various supplements—sharing experiences of how they have either backfired, helped, or had no discernible effect.
  • Harness the feedback of community members to develop your own personalized Super Stack—a combination of supplements and practices optimized for your health goals.
  • Understand why we caution clients over the use of certain very popular supplements.
  • Learn about the connection between oxalate poisoning, methylation, histamine and poor sleep.
Membership costs $120.00 US per year.

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Are you struggling to maintain a consistent sleep schedule?·Do you seek effective strategies to calm your nervous system before bedtime?·Are you having trouble falling asleep at night or returning to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night?·Do you find yourself exhausted during the day, only to toss and turn at night?·Are you feeling challenged in adopting circadian principles to enhance your sleep-wake cycle?If you resonate with any of these challenges and require personalized guidance, I invite you to schedule a consultation with me. Together, we can explore potential solutions and tailor a plan to optimize your daily routine and improve your sleep quality.

15 minute discovry calls are free. One-hour consultations start at $150.

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Mineral Balancing

Please pay through my Stripe account. How to send in a Hair Sample 1. Fill out the initial questionnaire and send back to me.2. I will email you the instructions on how to cut the hair sample, which you will then mail to ARL (located in Arizona). The address of the lab is provided in the instructions.

Pricing: Hair Analysis and Initial Consultation: $250.00 US.
Organic Acids Test
Done by Mosaic Labs.
A Nutritional and Metabolic Snapshot
Organic acids are products of the body’s metabolic pathways. Evaluation of these downstream metabolites from various metabolic pathways provides insight into important areas related to gut health, mitochondrial dysfunction, neurotransmitter status, indicators of detoxification and macronutrient breakdown and nutritional status. This makes organic acid testing a valuable tool to assess the functional need for essential nutrients, diet modification, antioxidant protection, detoxification, and other therapies.

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides a comprehensive nutritional and metabolic snapshot of an individual’s overall health. The OAT measures 76 organic acids from one easy to collect urine sample.
Pricing: $290 US plus shipping depending upon country you live in. Shipping is free within the US. 
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